Axiom Autopilot Controls for Sailing

01 September 2023

Axiom Autopilot Controls for Sailing

Steer to Wind provides a new level of autopilot control when under sail.

Enhanced Autopilot Control

The swipe-out sidebar on Axiom chartplotters is a handy tool that gives you fast access to Evolution autopilot controls. Axiom offers simple controls to engage the autopilot, adjust your course, or follow a waypoint or route. Beginning with the LightHouse 4.5 release, we have added a new sailing-specific autopilot mode to Axiom.

Steer to Wind Angle Mode

When enabled, Steer To Wind Angle Mode will hold the boat at your preferred angle to the wind using wind data from the wind transducer.  

Steer to Target Wind Angle

Tech Tip: Are you missing the Autopilot Side Bar? Make sure autopilot integration is enabled on your Axiom screen. Touch Home… Settings… Autopilot and toggle the switch to enable pilot integration.