DockSense Alert

Intelligent Docking Technology

Enhance your awareness

DockSense Alert is the next generation of Raymarine's intelligent docking technology designed to enhance a captain's awareness of immediate surroundings while manoeuvring the vessel in close quarters. Using advanced stereo vision camera technology, DockSense Alert detects objects above the water line and creates an intuitive map of potential hazards around the boat. Live video feeds enhance the captain's view while audible and visible alerts inform the captain when an object is close to the vessel.

How the System Works

How the System Works

DockSense Alert integrates with Raymarine Axiom® multifunction displays to present a real-time birds-eye view of the vessel and its immediate surroundings. Raymarine's 3D stereo vision cameras deliver live video to the helm and employ advanced motion sensors to measure the distance between the boat and external objects accurately. The system also delivers audible and visual alerts, intelligently informing the captain of any external object's proximity to the vessel. This new level of awareness simplifies docking while mitigating against the effects of wind, tide, and monitoring objects out of sight from the helm.

Dock with Confidence

Dock with Confidence

DockSense Alert gives captains the confidence to dock in challenging conditions at any dock, in any location. Unlike other docking assistants, DockSense Alert does not require any complex external dockside beacons or sensors. Raymarine's DockSense Alert is entirely self-contained and integrated with the vessel's navigation system and ready to use in every docking location.

At the helm, Axiom's DockSense Alert app provides an informative map showing distance to objects around the boat. Live camera feeds provide added confidence by eliminating blind spots and allowing the captain to see what is happening in real-time. DockSense Alert also offers helpful notifications tuned to the captain's preferred proximity alert distance.

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Getting started with DockSense

If you are a boat builder or system integrator working with a boat builder, Raymarine DockSense experts can partner with your engineering team to design a DockSense Alert and Control system. To connect with a DockSense expert contact us today.