Mussels - Freemantle, Australia

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July 2013 Winner - Keith Whyte, Australia



Keith Whyte Mussel Farm  

The shot is of mussels which are growing on lines suspended from the surface of the water on a commercial Mussel Farm in Cockburn Sound which is just south of Fremantle in Western Australia. On the left it shows a section of the buoys partially submerged by the weight of the mussel growth on the lines. On the right clearly visible the anchor point for the end of the line.


Shortly after capturing this shot Keith was able to use the Dragonfly to locate the exact depth of blue swimmer crabs.


K Whyte    "I have used Raymarine products for many years and when I needed to upgrade the sounder/GPS in the boat that I recently purchased, my research led me to the Dragonfly. I love that it is so simple to use, as per advertised – just turn the unit on and go fishing! The detail and clarity of the images are amazing"



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