Raymarine SPX-5/SPX-5GP Autopilots

SPX-5 Tiller Drives

Note: Image above shows SPX5 Tillerpilot with optional p70 autopilot control head.


Removable Tiller Drive Autopilots


The rugged SPX-5 and SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilots are perfect for tiller steered yachts up to 6,000kg (13,200lbs) and 7,500kg (16,000lbs) displacement respectively.


Tiller lifestyle

Meeting the Demands of the Serious Sailor


You can steer straight to a waypoint, lock on to a given wind angle, or simply set and follow a course to steer by making the most of the full SeaTalk and NMEA compatibility.


The fluxgate compass is separated from the drive unit for greater accuracy and you can mount the control unit wherever it will be within easy reach for you. Used by some of the world's top single-handed sailors, Raymarine tiller pilots meet the demands of the serious sailor.




SPX-5 or SPX-5 GP?


The SPX-5 Tiller Pilot is suitable for most cruising and racing scenarios, however, extended cruising or challenging racing conditions may benefit from the added ruggedness of the SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilot.


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  • Unique tiller pilot system with a choice of full function control heads and remote mounted fluxgate compass.
  • Powerful tiller drive unit is compact and unobtrusive.
  • Smart Rudder SenseTM (SRS) enabled - Rudder Reference Transducer not required.


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p70 and p70R large   


A control head (sold separately) can be added to your SPX-5 or SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilot. Choose pilot head







Recommended Maximum Displacement

SPX-5 Plus Tiller Pilot 6,000 kg (13,200 lbs)
SPX-5 GP Tiller Pilot 7,500 kg (16,500 lbs)



Always take the fully laden displacement weight of your vessel into account, this is often 20% above the designed displacement, so don't be tempted to choose a pilot which will always be working to the limits of its design capabilities.


If you choose your pilot with safety in mind, it won't struggle when the going gets tough.







We recommend that you consult a Raymarine approved dealer who can specify, install and commission the correct Raymarine system for your boat.


An approved installation also carries our full worldwide 2 year warranty.


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