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SeaTalk NG Backbone Kit

The SeaTalk NG Backbone kit contains everything you need to construct a multi-point SeaTalk NG navigation network on board your vessel. Use the backbone cables to run the length of the boat and provide connectivity anywhere it is needed. Insert T-Connectors into the backbone to create spur connections for devices and sensors. The red power cable energizes the network, while blue backbone terminators complete the circuit.

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SeaTalk NG Backbone Kit

SeaTalk NG Backbone Kit

SeaTalk NG Backbone Kit SKU: A25062

SeaTalk NG Backbone Kit

  • A06031: SeaTalk NG Terminators (Qty. 2)

  • A06037: Backbone Cable, 20m

  • A06036: Backbone Cable, 5m (Qty. 2)

  • A06028: T-Piece (Qty. 4)

  • A06049: Network Power Cable

  • 81300: SeaTalk NG Reference Manual