T110 Wireless Multi Digital Display

Wireless, solar powered multifunction instrument with an extra large digital display 

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T110 Wireless Multi Digital Display

Revolutionary Power Management

The Raymarine Wireless T110 display is powered for life by the environment. Feature rich and highly visible in all conditions, current demand is so low, and the supply so efficient, that the solar-powered display is self sufficient. Combined with other displays in the  Raymarine Wireless range this display becomes part of a complete navigational system.

T110 Wireless Key Features

  • No wiring - receives data via wireless
  • Solar powered with 300 hours autonomy
  • Displays any single data type
  • Super-large 38mm (1.5") digital readout
  • Simple to configure
  • Backlighting to 3 levels
  • Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m)
  • Lightweight, only 230g (0.51lbs)
  • Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA, optional T122 wireless interface required.

T110 Wireless Data Features

The below table details what data can be displayed when required transmitters and data feeds are connected to the system:

  • Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
  • High Wind Alarm
  • True Wind Speed/Angle
  • True Wind Direction
  • VMG to Wind
  • Header or Lift Indicator
  • Heading
  • Off-Course Alarm
  • Race Timer
  • Performance Data (using Proprietary NMEA Sentences through the T122 Wireless Interface
  • Tack Course
  • Boat Speed
  • Log
  • Trip Log
  • Average Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Speed Over Ground
  • Course Over Ground
  • Lat / Long
  • Sea Temperature
  • VMG to Waypoint
  • Distance / Bearing to Waypoint
  • Turn to Waypoint
  • Cross Track Error
  • TTG
  • Waypoint and XTE Alarms
  • Depth
  • Shallow / Deep Depth Alarm

Wireless Multi Digital Display Options

Wireless Multi Digital Display

SKU: T110-916
Wireless Multi Digital Display
  • 916 MHz Version (Americas, Asia and Australasia)

Wireless Multi Digital Display

SKU: T110-868
Wireless Multi Digital Display
  • 868 MHz Version (Europe)