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B17 Depth Transducer

Bronze, through-hull, retractable depth transducer for instruments

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B17 Depth Transducer


The B17 retractable bronze depth transducer provides accurate depth measurements to Raymarine instrument systems.    

  • 2-inch bronze, through hull fitting suitable for fiberglass or wood hulls
  • 15-meter (45-foot) cable with ISO female spade connectors
  • Retractable core for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 200 kHz frequency with a 13° beam width
  • Compatible with analog depth instruments like i40 Depth, i50 Depth, iTC-5, ST60+ Depth, and other legacy instrument systems

B17 Depth Transducer

For Raymarine instrument systems

B17 Retractable Depth Transducer SKU: M78717

B17 Retractable Depth Transducer