B765 Through-Hull Transducer

Bronze, 300W (L) / 600W (H), for Axiom Pro series and CHIRP sonar modules

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B765 Through-Hull Transducer

B765 Overview

B765LH and B765LM are thru-hull, CHIRP-ready transducers that are perfectly suited for smaller fishing boats. Both models deliver the performance of the larger transducers but in a compact package for smaller boats. 

The B765LH and B765LM each feature a great combination of a 300 W low-frequency ceramic and either a 600 W high-frequency or medium-frequency band ceramic for a wide range of depth capability and fish finding. 

The low-frequency band provides excellent depth penetration. 

The high-frequency band features a narrow beamwidth (15°-9°) for excellent target separation. 

The medium-frequency is perfect for more coverage under the boat and delivering excellent bottom detail. The included high-performance fairing improves broadband performance at speeds over 30 knots (34 MPH).

The B765 is fitted with an 11-pin CHIRP transducer connector that mates directly to Axiom Pro RVX, Axiom 2 Pro RVM,  RVX-1000, RVM-1600, CP470, CP570 and legacy CHIRP sonar modules.

B765 Models

B765LH Low-High Transducer

SKU: A80014
B765LH Low-High Transducer
  • Frequency (KHz): 40-75 (L) / 130-210 (H)

  • Beam Width: 23° / 21° (L) / 15° / 9° (H)

B765LM Low-Medium Transducer

SKU: A80015
B765LM Low-Medium Transducer
  • Frequency (KHz): 40-75 (L) / 80-130 (M)

  • Beam Width: 23° / 21° (L) / 24° / 16° (H)

B765 Transducer Resources

General Specifications




Power (RMS)

300W (L) / 600W (H)


Depth / Temperature

Hull Material

Fiberglass / Wood

Cable Length

33 Ft. / 10 M.

Deadrise Angles

0 - 24°